Continuing to Serve

One decade of serving this great country

Entering my tenth year, serving as a Flight Medic with the Nebraska Army National Guard has been my greatest honor.  I've saved lives in Afghanistan, ferried Hurricane Harvey survivors in Texas, and saluted the great state of Nebraska with a Memorial Stadium flyover (I'm in the 2nd Blackhawk!).  I simply could not be prouder.  Now, I am continuing to serve by serving my community closer to home. 

Community Service

Beyond serving my country, I am serving my community: 

  • Board Member, Eastern Nebraska Community Action Partnership
  • Board Member, Metro Young Latinos Professionals Association
  • Founding Board Member, UNO Veterans Affinity Council 
  • 2018 Fellow, New Leaders Council - Omaha

An emphasis on serving the public, not being another politician

Elected officials should always be responsive to the public will, proactive in seeking solutions to community problems, and exercise a higher degree of empathy.  I do not see this enough in politics.  I hope to set the example that public servants should do just that: serve the public.