Leader for Public Education

Strengthening our public school systems

 Teachers are the backbone of our public schools.  Training well-rounded, culturally responsive teachers and administrators will help us create a stronger education system.   By supporting teachers and administrators and encouraging them to equip themselves with tools to be culturally responsive educators, we strengthen our schools and create a safe learning environment for all. 

Against charter schools

Charter schools lack accountability and often lack the achievement standards of their counterparts in comparable public schools.  Charter schools also tap the already strained resources of public schools.  Charter schools are also allowed to “cherry pick” students which often leaves public schools depleted resources and a population of struggling students.  Teachers also suffer from charter schools; their pay is often less for even more work than their public school counter parts and they have no recourse to protect themselves.  Charter schools may provide school choice but that doesn’t mean it is a good choice. 

Against vouchers and tax credits

School vouchers allow a parent to take their child out of public schools and take that funding and enroll their child in a private school.  Like charter schools, vouchers pull money from public schools, leaving a large section of students—including many of those with special education requirements—trapped in a system without enough resources to meet their needs. 

Emphasis on early childhood education

 Early childhood education is crucial to the development of a child both socially and academically.  It teaches a child the value of education through experience with skills such as cooperation, sharing, and resilience.  It exposes students to diverse backgrounds and cultures and helps children expand their worlds.  By supporting robust early childhood education programs, we ensure all students have access to this head start on traditional education. 

For the Record

I've gone on record with my thoughts about public education.  Skip to 2:28:00 to hear me interview for the Omaha Public Schools board.